Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Time for Toddler Talk Thursday!

Kung Fu Reni

Once again Eli was playing rough and ended up with a boo boo. He fell and hit his head against a wall.

Mommy hears his cry.

Mommy: "Eli what's wrong?"

Eli: rubbing his head "That wall.....that hit me!"

Mommy: trying not to laugh "That wall hit you? Ahem.. Well, that mean ole' wall. We'll have to teach it a lesson."

Serenity over hears the conversation and never misses an opportunity to be cute. She picks up a nearby broom and defensively poses facing the enemy (you know...the wall).

Reni: "Wall ou wanna piece of me? Wall you hear me? speaking louder.. Ou wanna piece of... me? Hi Ya!"

She swiftly hits the wall with one side of the broom...then the other. She stops for a second to stare with a mean glare. Then talks to the wall in her normal third person way.

Reni: "Wall ou have nuf Neni? Neni say.. Ou eve Ligah lone....K? she then answers herself....K!"

Eli: lovingly places his arm around his sister "Thank ou, Neni! Ou my hero."

Serenity drops the broom in triumph. Then together they walk away confident that mean ole' wall will never mess with them again!

Married at three

Elijah and Serenity enjoyed their play date with their cousin Talynn, especially Eli. He never runs out of good things to say about his beautiful little friend.

Eli: "Mommy, Talynn's my VERY best friend."

Mommy: "Yes, I know....You love Talynn!"

Eli: "Yep! We're gettin' married!"

Mommy: "Oh, you are?"

Eli: "Yep!"

Mommy: "Eli, why do people get married?"

Eli: casually shrugs his shoulders "I dunno"

Mommy: "Well then....why are YOU getting married to Talynn?

Eli: with his best "well duh" attitude "Cuz Talynn toad me to!"

Mommy: trying hard not to laugh "Oh I see and what are you going to do once your married."

Eli: again shruggs his shoulders and sighs out a "Dunno! Talynn tell me that later"

Mommy thinks to herself:

Wow! He knows more about marriage than I thought!... wipes away a tear...sniff...sniff.....My baby's becoming a man!


Stephanie RN BSN (to be!) said...

Oh my goodness, I love your replays of the cute little conversations going on in your home. Little ones say the funniest things!