Saturday, January 24, 2009

Serenity: Messy little Monkey!

Some people might think I'm exaggerating when I talk about Serenity's hyper behavior. Believe me when I tell you I am NOT! She literally goes a mile a minute. She never stops! She goes from one mess to another, climbing on anything that gets in her way. Trust me she is SO NOT your typical toddler. I have five children of my own. Plus 16 nieces and nephews and I've never seen anything like her. It literally takes her a matter of seconds to spill, tear, break or shred something, then in the mere seconds I turn my back to clean up. She's already bouncing, swinging or climbing something else. Plus, keeping the child fully dressed is nearly impossible. I still haven't figured out her obsession with being naked! I think she just doesn't like feeling confined. She needs room to move! As long as she is wearing a diaper, we are doing good! I always say that God gives a certain spark or fight in those that he knows will need it for survival. That fight doesn't go away once their well. I think it grows stronger with age. Her spark just keeps getting brighter and brighter and Mommy just keeps getting more tired and more tired. Sometimes her stunts take my breath away. I pray just a few more prayers of protection over this one for sure! For nothing, and I mean nothing scares her! She's quite the little messy monkey! But she sure is a cute messy monkey! Check her out:

"Mommy! Mommy! Watch this!"

"See what my can do? Mommy! Mommy See?"

Workin' it! Wait for it..... Wait for it......... Bottom's up!!


"Wow! That fun! Again Mommy?"

Believe it or not, a few years ago when Tommy and I went shopping for new bedroom furniture, this scenario never even made the pro and con list. You would think after four previous children we would have anticipated this a little more. But then again we never had a Serenity before! :)