Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday: "Lets sing Fire Fall"/ Poop Smears and Sucker Punches

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High: "Let's Sing Fire Fall!"

My definite high this week was seeing how my children and their friends LOVE to praise the Lord! At church they love to get involved with the service. So we always allow them to come up onto the platform and Praise God with song. They have such a wonderful time learning to Worship and to be completely honest, we have a pretty nice time watching them as well. Sometimes the smaller ones get a little too excited and well.... you'll see what I mean!
(Don't forget to pause the media player located at the very bottom)
Now Let Revival Fire Fall:

Low: Poop Smears and Sucker Punches

As a mother of five, two of which are toddlers, I literally go from one mess to another. Only to stop in between trips to separate fighting siblings. I deal with every thing from poop smears to sucker punches! Just for an example let's talk about yesterday afternoon. I come home from an exhuasting trip to the grocery store. As a family of seven you can only imagine how many bags I have to empty. It usually takes quite a while to unload everything and put it away. While completely focused on this grueling task, little did I know that the toddlers were kind enough to help me out. From the Living Room I hear Kayleigh yell, "Mom, I can't see the TV!" Trying to focus on the groceries, I ignore her. Then again, "Mom, I can't see the TV! Tell Reni to stop it!" Casually I reply back, "Reni stop blocking the TV." A couple of minutes later, I hear Kayleigh again, "Mom she's not stopping it!" Now frustrated I say, "Reni sit down!" To which Reni yells back, "I AM sittin' down!" Okay I return back to putting groceries away. "MOM!!!!!!!!" "Kayleigh what? Is she sitting down or not?" Kayleigh again yells back, "YES!" Now even more frustrated I say, "Then what is the problem?!" There is a pause then, "She's slinging yogurt all over the TV and I can't see the picture!" UGGHHHHH! I go into the living room and sure enough, the room is COVERED in strawberry yogurt! Elijah is on the other side of the room dumping an entire container of salt on my end table and Fritos line a trial in between. As I'm struggling to clean up the mess, I ask Noah to put some clean clothes on Reni. I can now hear Kayleigh and Gracee fighting in the background. "NO! Stop that! It's MINE! I'm telling mom! MOM!!!!!!!!!!!" Suddenly I hear a SMACK!! Then Kayleigh bursts into tears! "MOM, Gracee hit me!" I stop to scold them both. Then return to the HUGE mess! While on my hands and knees, scrubbing yogurt off my rug, Noah walks into room, "Mom" "Yes Noah, now what?" "Umm, Reni's going potty!" "That's good." "Umm, No mom! I put her PJ's on her" "SO?" "Well... I couldn't find her pullups!"

Yes folks she pooped in her footsie PJ's with no diaper! You can only imagine the poop smeared legs I had to clean up! Welcome to my life! LoL

Looking back now through the tears of laughter, I realize that my lows aren't so low (especially knowing how far our family has come) Instead, they are precious memories to last a lifetime.

Whether high or low, I am truly grateful! For ALL of my moments are greatly blessed by an awesome Savior!


chopstix said...

wow on the groceries! i laughed out loud, but i didn't have to clean it up. kind of reminds me of the time my 3 yr old was pouring squeeze parkay all over my 18 month old. hilarious and frighteningly messy all at the same time. if we didn't have senses of humor, life would be so hard.
good luck with potty training and groceries!!
hilarious post.

Jill - Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh goodness - those days are never fun! I have had my fair share of poop smears here and trust me they were not fun for anyone!

Praying for less chaos in the house and peace to rule and reign in their hearts!

Blessings this week!

Anonymous said...

Love your post on Hi's and Lo's....I imagine you stay busy with lots of messes!!! Praying for you and the strength to get through the years..LOL....Love, Marci

Anitra said...

I happened upon your blog from the HI/Lo thing and thought I would share something that may or may not help you.

I am not sure where you live, but I invested in reusable bags from Meijer (kind of like Walmart). I was extremely surprised at how many groceries the bags held and ended up going and purchasing some more. You just have to make sure you tell your bagger to fill them up. Walmart has them too, but they do not hold as many groceries.

Anyway, it has helped me make many less trips to and from the back of my van to unload groceries. Unfortunately, I can't count losing as many calories that way :)

Thanks for sharing your "Low" story. There is comfort in misery, I guess. And I love your last line!

nanner27 said...

It is so awesome to see kids praising God. It just brings a smile to my face. I have had many experiences with those kind of lows as well, there good for a laugh later on.