Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Nassy" Kisses

Bright and early one morning, I'm talking with Serenity, first thing I announce, "Well there's my big girl!" She simply says, "No." "Oh, you aren't a big girl anymore?" Again she replies with, "No." "Are you a little girl then?" "Nope." "Are you a baby?" "Nope." "Well, okay then what are you exactly?" She smiles a big grin and while holding up two tiny fingers says, "I two!" Oh I definitely stand corrected! So I pick her up and begin giving her lots of lovin' kissing her all over her face and neck. Afterward, she stares at me with a disgusted look. "What's wrong Serenity don't you like Mommy's kisses anymore?" Quickly she answers, "No! They're Nassy!" "Nasty!? That's breaks Mommy's heart! You better come here and let me give you some more then." So once again I pick her up and begin tickling her and laying big kisses all over her face. "How's that?" While laughing she says, "Still Nassy." So once again I tickle and kiss her and once again, "Nassy." Finally during all the commotion she slightly scratches her foot on the corner of the chair. "Ouch! Mommy my foot!" "Oh let Mommy see, where does it hurt?" Pointing to an invisible mark she says, "Right here!" Squinting my eyes I say, "Umm, Where?" "Right here! See?" While Lying, "Oh why yes, there it is." "Kiss it Mommy!" "Kiss it? Are you sure?" "Yes Mommy! Kiss it. It hurts!" So I lean down and kiss her ouchie. Puzzled I ask, "Reni aren't Mommy's kisses Nasty?" She jumps down out of my lap and as she runs off to play yells, "Nope not nassy, all better!" Can't help but smile a little bit at that! :) How often are we embarrassed to admit the joy we find in feeling true affection? It's only until those painful moments that we need it, do we fully understand the healing power of love!
"Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." 1John 4:8