Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good News/ Bad News!

Good News: Gracee loves Mom and Dad SOOO much that she has decided to live with them Forever! AHHH!
Bad News: She also plans to move in her future husband and 10 kids with her as well! :0

Good News: Serenity has been blessed with LOTS of extremely cute clothes!
Bad News: All she wants to do is run around completely naked! uh oh!

Good News: Our other girls have also been blessed with an abundance of clothing.
Bad News: They store them under the HUGE junk pile in their closet! UGH!!

Good news: Naked Serenity just decided to put something on!
Bad news: Hot pink Snow boots do not really go with a birthday suit!

Good News: Today was family day! We enjoyed several movies while snuggled in front of a warm fire! oooh cozy!
Bad News: We had to take all five, very eager, yet mostly tired, cranky, ready for a nap, children into a crowded video store in order to rent those movies!

Good News: Elijah was very happy when he discovered a rack of yummy candy.
Bad News: He quickly shoved the unpaid for candy into his pockets. When questioned he replied, "I gonna save em' for lader."

Good News: Serenity immediately found the movie she wanted.
Bad News: Copies of Whorton Hears a Who where flying across the store when Mom simply reminded her that we already have that particular movie at home.

Good News: Serenity has decided she is much too big for her little potty chair! She has moved on to the REAL thing! You Go girl!
Bad News: In truth, she is actually much too tiny for the big potty and has to stradle the seat just to stay on. So when she goes to get off one of her feet always goes directly inside the stool. She then has to shake off the excess water like a little puppy. Yewww! Yuck!

Good News: Tommy has decided to be a good husband and help out around the house. So sweet!
Bad News: His idea of helping is putting everything into one big pile (clean clothes, dirty clothes, toys, etc.) for ME to sort, wash and put away. Oh sooo close!

Good News: When I asked Noah to clean his room yesterday, he didn't even argue. Instead he joyfully spent the entire day working!
Bad News: He was working on beating a new video game. Busted!

Good News: Serenity just ran past with her back side finally covered!
Bad News: A Dora the Explorer back pack can only cover so much!

Good News: School has been canceled for two whole days! Kids shout yay!
Bad News: School has been canceled for two WHOLE days! Mom prays for better weather

Good News: Noah turns 10 years old tomorrow! Happy Birthday!
Bad News: My BABY turns 10 years old TOMORROW!

Good News: We serve an Awesome Savior!!!!!!!!!
Bad News: N/A ( There isn't any!! )


Hilary said...

These were so fun to read!! :)

I hope your BABY had a good birthday today!! It goes by so fast, huh? Honestly, I cannot picture Isaac at 10 yrs old, but I know it will sneak up on me! He turns 5 in February.

Also, I can't tell you ENOUGH how encouraging you have been to me and Rich. We are both so excited for what God has in store for us and we are so, so, so blessed by your prayers for us!
God has already shown us some exciting blessings!!! We couldn't be more thankful to God for what he is doing in our lives right now.
So, THANK YOU for being a part in our blessings. Your prayers for us are definitely being felt!

Blessings to you and your family!