Thursday, January 15, 2009

From Valley to Mountain - Our Journey to a Higher Place!

Well, Here she is our daughter Serenity standing on the mountain of God! She is beautiful and by far the most active of our five children! However, there was a time when she wasn't quite so active. There was a time when we were given very little hope for her survival. We were told that only a heart transplant could save our daughter. We were told she would not live another day without taking medication. Two years ago we were given a diagnosis of Restrictive Cardiomyopathy, a physical hardening of the heart muscle. Two years ago we were walking through this valley. We made the decison to stand on God's Holy Word, declaring healing. We made the decison NOT to accept her diagnosis but to firmly take a stand proclaiming the power we have through our Savior Christ Jesus! We quoted scripture over her little body day and night around the clock. The doctors would come in and say these are the facts. We would take the time to let them know we appreciated EVERYTHING they were doing to help our daughter. Then we would say, these may be the facts, but here's the TRUTH, "By HIS stripes she IS healed! Our daughter will LIVE and declare the works of the LORD!" (Psalms 118:17) You see in this world there are lots of facts, some good and some bad. But there is ONLY ONE truth and that is God's Holy Word. When we stand on His promises, no matter how grim the circumstances might be Truth ALWAYS conquers Fact!!

Today as you can see she is VERY healthy! But what you may not know yet IS, she is transplant free, medication free and MOM is energy free! Our God is so very awesome!

Is there a fact in your life that needs clarifying by God's truth? Drop us a line and we'll pray with you! :)